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More than 10,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year. Countless numbers of families struggle with the physical, emotional, and financial drains of such a disease.  To make matters worse, the cause of childhood cancer remains largely unknown, making successful treatment a challenge, current research necessary, and an established support system imperative.


Camp Quality was founded in 1983 to be such a system of support.  Their vision is to provide a release to all children with cancer and their families to help them find joy and hope through shared experiences and an ongoing support system.  Camp Quality's program is focused on caring for the emotional needs of children and their families.  As they face the "bad days" and celebrate the good ones, a support network of peers provides tremendous strength and hope. 


Camp Quality holds 15 summer camps annually in the US alone, hosting over 900 children.  With over 2000 volunteers, they guarantee that each child receives a individual attention and friendship.  The relationships the children build with their own, personal camp companion carries throughout the year at other hosted events and social gatherings. 


To learn more about Camp Quality, please visit their website: 

Helping Kids With Cancer,

Be Kids Again


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