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Camp Quality

Cancer sucks. From the toll the disease itself takes, to the mental, physical and emotional strain of months or years of treatment... nobody should ever have to go through all of that.  But somehow it hits even harder when kids are the ones having to fight that battle.

At Camp Quality, we've made it our mission to be there for these young warriors and their families.  We understand what it's like when kids are in and out of hospitals receiving treatments, or when they can't sign up for soccer because their bodies are too weak, or can't be around a friend who has a runny nose because of a compromised immune system.

And that's why we've embraced our mantra of "letting kids with cancer, be kids again".  Through a network of summer camps around the country, we provide these children with opportunities -- in a safe, monitored environment -- to simply be themselves and find fellowship with other young warriors like themselves as well as caring staff and counselors, many of whom have also been down this road before... [read more]

Our community of bikers collectively have some of the biggest hearts around.  So of course this cause fell near and dear to our hearts.  Find out more about how we got started working with Camp Quality...

[read more]

Online registration for our 2024 event will be opening soon.  We will also be hosting a pre-registration event at Dell's Powersports in Grain Valley, MO on Saturday, June 8th.

This event couldn't happen without the generosity of our Sponsorship Partners. Learn more about how you can help us, help this worth cause... [read more]

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