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"Letting KIDS with cancer be KIDS again"

Cancer sucks.  We all know it.  Most of us, at some point in our lives, have known someone who has been affected by cancer, or perhaps even had to deal with it ourselves.  The mental, physical, and emotional toll it takes can be beyond exhausting not only for the patients themselves but also for the loved ones who are standing beside them.

You never want anyone who have to deal with that, but somehow it pulls at the heartstrings even harder when it's a child forced to fight that battle.  Childhood years are supposed to be the most carefree times of our lives.  Not a time that we have to be in-and-out of hospitals, or take caution to avoid friends when they have a cough, or be unable to participate in sports for fear that our bodies wouldn't hold up.

And that's where Camp Quality steps in.  Their mission is to help these young warriors bring as much joy as they can back into their childhood.  Camp Quality has built a network of summer camps nationwide with the sole purpose of letting these kids simply experience life -- while maintaining a safe, monitored environment that keeps in mind the specific challenges of ultimately winning the fight against cancer.  With a staff of deep-hearted counselors and workers (many of whom are former campers themselves), they can offer the relative escape of giving kids a chance to simply enjoy a week of camp.


Camp Quality does amazing work.  And at Tougher Than Hell, we're simply riding along with them.  There are about $1500 in costs associated with having a camper attend one of the Camp Quality summer camps.  For families who are already dealing with the emotional and financial stress of treatments, we want to do anything we can to help cover costs to get as many kids to camp as we possibly can.

We have designed the TTH event to be entertaining, but to try and be as cost-efficient as possible.  Every dime above and beyond our operating costs goes directly to Camp Quality to be used at their discretion for the benefit of their campers.  We thank our ride participants for their generosity.  Thanks to you all, TTH has raised nearly $65k for Camp Quality over the 8 years of our partnership, and are looking forward to what we hope will be a record-breaking donation total in 2024!

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